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Measles contributes to rheumatoid arthritis [2014-06-10]
Reseaechers analyzed the genome sequence of Alicyclobacillys hesperidum Strain URH17-3-68 [2014-05-12]
A novel pectate lyase gene was cloned and characterized [2014-03-13]
Cell factories were constructed for microbial production of β-carotene [2014-03-03]
Cell factories were constructed for microbial production of isobutanol [2014-02-26]
Enhanced Oil Recovery by Bioemulsifier and Biosurfactants [2014-02-13]
Researchers found a novel L-arabinose isomerase from a food-grade microorganism [2014-01-15]
New advances in prediction of caspase and granzyme cleavage targets [2013-11-24]
New advances in alkaline pectate lyase production [2013-11-24]
Reliable genome annotation through data integration [2013-11-24]
Heterologous production of isobutyryl-CoA and isovaleryl-CoA in engineered E. coli [2013-11-24]
Dr. Huaming Wang's group identified a new low temperature lipase that can be used for detergent market [2013-11-24]
Dr. Huifeng Jiang provided a very-high-resolution view of bacteriophage lambda gene expression and identified many unappreciated potential open reading frames [2013-11-24]
Fractional bioleaching of pyrolusite and pyrite to recovery Mn [2013-11-24]
Progress in efficient error correction of microchip synthesized genes [2013-11-24]
Circular polymerase extension cloning for high-throughput cloning of complex and combinatorial DNA libraries [2013-11-24]
Parallel on-chip gene synthesis and application to optimization of protein expression [2013-11-22]
Dr. Shulin Chen's group invented a new economic pretreatment to improve digestibility of macroalgae [2013-11-22]
The Markerless Deletion in Aspergillus Niger to Produce Citric acid [2012-11-09]
Improving Succinate Production by Recruiting Alternative Glucose Utilization Pathways [2012-09-29]
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