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National Engineering Laboratory for Industrial Enzymes was jointly established by Institute of Microbiology, Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Jiangnan University, Jilin University, Biotechnology Research Institute CAAS, Tsinghua University and Tianjin University of Science and Technology. The laboratory focuses on the fundamental and applied research on industrial enzymes with a mission of promoting the advances in the technologies for the discovery, production and applications of industrial enzymes, and facilitating the sustainable development of various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, paper, food, animal feeds and energy in China. The laboratory has established the technical platforms for the high-throughput discovery and evaluation, protein engineering, production process development and applications of industrial enzymes. The research groups are working closely with companies in various industries to facilitate their development of new products and processes with the aim to realize their transformation to the sustainable industries. The laboratory also offers graduate education and technical training programs to provide talents for these industries.

Research Areas

1. Industrial Protein Science, including: Discovery and Evaluation of Industrial Enzymes, Protein Structure-Function Relationship,Structural Bioinformatics, Rational Design and Evolution of Industrial Enzymes, Process Development for Efficient Enzyme Production, Application Technologies for Industrial Enzymes.

2. Biotransformation and Process Engineering, including: Discovery and Evolution of Biocatalysts, Mechanistic Studies on Biocatalytic Reactions, Chemical Modification and Immobilization of Biocatalysts, Non-Aqueous Bioprocess Engineering, Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Complex Molecules.

3. Glycoengineering, Including: Biocatalytic Technology for Rare Sugar/Polyol and Its Utilization; Glycating and Strengthening the Function of Bioactive Substances.

Research Groups and Their Research Interest

Group Leader

Research Interest

Yanhe Ma

Understanding and Application of Extremozymes

Yong Tao

Whole-cell Biocatalyst Development;

High-throughput, systematic platform of recombinant protein expression

Shuangyan Tang

Protein engineering & Microbial enzyme applications

Fu Gao/Haixia Xiao

Development of New Therapeutic and Prophylactic Vaccines

Reyting Guo

Crystal Structure Analysis, Design and Evolution of Industrial Enzymes

Hui Song

Screening and Evaluation of Industrial Enzymes

Jiangning Song

Structural Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Yuanxia Sun

Biocatalysis technology of rare sugar/polyol and its utilization; Glycating and strengthening the function of bioactive substance;

Chaoguang Tian

The molecular mechanism of cellulases expression and secretion in filamentous fungi; and developing the fungal system for cellulases production and heterologous protein expression;

Identification and characterization of fungal major facilitator superfamily (MFS)              transporters; and constructing the fungal cell factory for bio-based chemicals production.

Qinhong Wang

Evolution of Enzymes and Pathway Architecture

Qiaqing Wu

Discovery and Evolution of Biocatalysts

Huaming Wang

Classic mutagenesis and molecular breeding technology development for Aspergillus niger strain improvement;

High efficient extracellular  protein expression improvement in Aspergillus niger;

New enzymes discovery for feed, food and industrial application;

Dawei Zhang

Bacillus expression system

Dunming Zhu

Mechanistic Studies on Biocatalytic Reactions and Their Application in Organic Synthesis

Peijian Zou

Expression, Purification and  Structure-Function Relationship of Industrial Enzymes

Guocheng Du

Biosystem and Bioprocess Engineering

Yan Feng

Structure-Function Relationship and Evolution of Enzymes

Zhengqiang Li

Enzymology and Encapsoulation of Enzymes

Min Lin /Wei Lu

Discovery and Exploitation of Microbial Genetic Resources with Novel Functions

Zhanglin Lin

Design and Application of Enzymatic and Cellular Parts Based on Synthetic Biology

Fuping Lu

Industrial Biocatalysis

Sheng Yang /Rongsheng Tao

Recombinant E.coli based enzyme engineering platform

Drector: Ma Yanhe

Deputy Directors: Zhu Dunming, Lin Zhanglin, Feng Yan

Secretary: Bu Dandan

Tel: 022-8486-1996.

32 West 7th Avenue, Tianjin Airport Economic Area, Tianjin 300308, China
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