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Tianjin Engineering Center for Biocatalytic Technology


Biocatalysis and biotransformation are the core of industrial biotechnology. Tianjin Engineering Center for Biocatalytic Technology is affiliated with Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The institute has technology platforms for high-throughput screening and protein structure analysis, and talent staff with biology, chemistry and engineering. The research areas of the center include enzyme discovery and evolution, immobilization of biocatalysts, protein structural analysis, biocatalytic reaction mechanistic studies, and integration of biotransformation with chemical synthesis. The center also emphasizes the application of biocatlytic technology in the production of high-value chemicals for pharmaceutical, agrichemical, food ingredient and cosmetic industries, with the aim to provide technical supports for the sustainable development of these industries.

Research Areas

Enzyme discovery and evolution

Immobilization of biocatalysts and bioprocess engineering

In vitro multi-enzymatic cascade reactions

Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of high-value chemicals

Research Groups and Their Research Interests

Group Leader

Research Interest

Rey-Ting Guo

Crystal Structure Analysis, Design and Evolution of Industrial Enzymes

Hui Song

Screening and Evaluation of Industrial Enzymes

Yuanxia Sun

Biocatalysis technology of rare sugar/polyol and its utilization; Glycating and strengthening the function of bioactive substance;

Qiaqing Wu

Discovery and Evolution of Biocatalysts

Huaming Wang

Classic mutagenesis and molecular breeding technology development for Aspergillus niger strain improvement;

High efficient extracellular  protein expression improvement in Aspergillus niger;

New enzymes discovery for feed, food and industrial application;

Dunming Zhu

Mechanistic Studies on Biocatalytic Reactions and Their Application in Organic Synthesis

Director: Zhu Dunming

Tel: 022-84861996.


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