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Tianjin Key Laboratory for Industrial Biological Systems and Bioprocessing Engineering


The Tianjin Key Laboratory for Industrial Biological Systems and Bioprocessing Engineering (key laboratory) was established in May 2011 as one of the three key laboratories of the Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The key laboratory focuses on fundamental and applied research on industrial biomanufacturing and green processing. The key laboratory emphasizes simulation and industrial application of natural biological systems and develops integrated systems by taking a biomimetic approach. The areas of application of the key laboratory’s research include commodity biochemicals, biofuels, health care and functional food ingredients.  Technology development includes biomanufacturing, biological oil production enhancement, biometallurgy and other green processes.  The ultimate goal of the key laboratory is to use clean bioprocessing methods to replace traditional chemical processing, to improve bioprocessing efficiency and controllability, and to achieve energy conservation and emission reductions in order to raise the level of the entire industry. The key laboratory aims to become a major player in industrial biotechnology innovation, thus contributing to advances in science and technology as well as the development of the regional economy.

Research areas

1.Process characterization of cell communities and its application to bioprocessing 

2.Energy and mass transfer and bioconversion mechanisms for bioreactors 

3.Process coupling, integration and optimization of bioprocessing systems 

Research group and area 

Principle investigator

Research area

Shulin Chen

Industrial biosystems engineering

Zhiyong Huang

Microorganism communities and applied functional ecology

Wenxia Jiang

Fermentation processes

Hui Song

Applied microbiology

Yuanxia Sun

Functional sugars and natural active ingredients

Zhenghong Xu

Systems microbiology and bioprocessing

Laboratory Director: Shulin Chen 

Associate Director: Zhiyong Huang 

Secretary: Demao Li 

Tel: 022-84861932 

32 West 7th Avenue, Tianjin Airport Economic Area, Tianjin 300308, China
Tel: 022-84861997/84861977 Fax: 022-84861926 E-mail: tib_zh(AT)
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