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Belt & Road Fellowship Initiative of Tianjin Synthetic Biotechnology Innovation Capacity Improvement Project
Metabolic Engineering International Conference 2019(MES 2019)
Call for trainees for International Training Course on Industrial Synthetic Biotechnology
BioEconomy 2015 'Green Biological Manufacturing' Notice
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Chinese scientists for the first time synthesize starch from carbon dioxide
Chinese scientists create starch from scratch
USTC-TIB Cohosts Synthetic Biology Seminar in Tianjin
Tiangong Forum
Serial 1: Synthetic Biology: A New Engine for the Third Wave of Biotechnology (Prof.Hui...
Life at TIB
Researchers developed Glycosylase base editors (GBEs) achieved C to A editing in bacteria and C to G editing in mammalian cells
Current base editors catalyze only base transitions, the new base editors (GBE) could change C to A in bacteria and C to G in mammalian cells, and realize the arbitrary base editing of microbes for the first time. GBE has further imp...
Researchers developed Glycosylase base editors (GBEs) achieved C to A ed... (2020-07-21)
Researchers Develope a New High-throughput Screening Method for Ketones (2020-07-08)
Methanol tolerance and bioconversion of synthetic methylotrophs was enha... (2020-05-25)
Scientists reveal the mechanism of a human monoclonal antibody-mediated ... (2019-01-15)
Scientists Engineer Artificial Fusion Proteins for Enhanced Methanol Bio... (2018-10-19)
Comprehensive improvement of sample preparation methodologies facilitate... (2018-10-19)
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