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BioEconomy 2015 'Green Biological Manufacturing' Notice
>> Lecture on Opening Pandora’s Box
>> First Sino–Canada Workshop on Biomass Transformation and Commercial Opportunities
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USTC-TIB Cohosts Synthetic Biology Seminar in Tianjin
Prof. Igor Goryanin from University of Edinburgh visited TIB
Prof. Jurgen Rohr from University of Kentucky visited TIB
Tiangong Forum
Serial 1: Synthetic Biology: A New Engine for the Third Wave of Biotechnology (Prof.Hui...
Life at TIB
New advances are made in hydrolysis mechanism of chitosanase
The chitosanase from Bacillus sp. TS (CsnTS) is an enzyme belonging to the glycoside hydrolase family 8. The sequence of CsnTS shares 98 % identity with the chitosanase from Bacillus sp. K17. Crystallography analysis and site-direct ...
New advances are made in hydrolysis mechanism of chitosanase (2016-08-08)
Discovery of the Mogrosides Synthesis Pathway and its Anti-tumor Effect (2016-05-23)
Value-added utilization of carbon dioxide via unprecedented effective en... (2016-03-16)
Reseachers catalyze the biosynthesis of 2-deoxysugars using whole-cell c... (2015-09-08)
The advance of L-sugars production using small molecular nonsugar substr... (2015-08-03)
Research Provides New Insights into the Thermotolerance Mechanism of Sac... (2015-08-03)
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