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Call for trainees for the second International Training Course on Industrial Synthetic ...
Belt & Road Fellowship Initiative of Tianjin Synthetic Biotechnology Innovation Capacit...
Metabolic Engineering International Conference 2019(MES 2019)
Academic Events
TIB Hosted the CCIB Workshop on 'Technical Innovation in Traditional Plant Medicine'
Chinese scientists for the first time synthesize starch from carbon dioxide
Chinese scientists create starch from scratch
Tiangong Forum
Serial 1: Synthetic Biology: A New Engine for the Third Wave of Biotechnology (Prof.Hui...
Life at TIB
Researchers construct an operator-based expression toolkit for Bacillus subtilis for protein expression and biosynthetic pathway enginnering
An inducible-ON/OFF regulatory system using malO operator as a key element was developed in this study. The sequence, position, numbers and spacing distance of malO operators was identified and modulated, generating a series of activ...
Carboxylic acid reductases enable intramolecular lactamization reactions (2022-06-14)
Researchers construct an operator-based expression toolkit for Bacillus ... (2022-03-07)
Researchers make progress in amine dehydrogenase modification (2022-03-04)
Reseachers unraveled the mechanism of enantio-controlling switches of an... (2022-03-03)
A new developed methodology for engineering enzyme stereoselectivity and... (2021-11-04)
Researchers mined new amine dehydrogenases for the synthesis of chiral a... (2020-09-22)
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