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Core Facilities
             High-throughput automated                       ClonePix system                                   High-throughput 

             liquid handling analysis and                 (Genetix QP Expression)                            Incubator shaker

                    detection systems                                                                                      (INFORS AG Microtron)  


                     LC-SPE-NMR-MS                                   NanoLC-MS-MS                                    MALDI-TOF-TOF

               (600MHz-micrOTOF-QII)                                (AB 5600)                                             (AB 5800)


            Surface Plasmon Resonance           Differential Scanning Calorimetry                Biomolecule Interaction

                     Imaging System                                     (Nano DSC)                                       Analysis System

                (Plexera PlexArray HT)                                                                                          (Biacore T200)


                   Microarray Scanner                                   Sequencer                                   Q-TOF-GC-MS System

                  (NimbleGen MS200)                                     (MiSeq)                                           (Agilent 7200)       


         Circular Dichroism Spectrometer                     GE AKTA purifier                             Isothermal Calorimetry 

                        (Chirascan)                                           (Avant25)                                             (TAM Ⅲ)        


        Transmission Electron Microscope         Scanning Electron Microscope        Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

                         ( HT7700)                                             (SU8010)                                          (TCS SP5 II)


          Single Crystal X-ray diffraction                Benchtop Protein Crystal          Protein Crystallisation Liquide Handler

                     (R-AXIS IV++)                                  Imager and Monitor                              (Mosquito Crystal)

                                                                                (Minstrel DT UV)


                     Flow Cytometry                            Fluorescence Microscopy                          Microplate Reader 

                       (MoFlo XDP)                                        ( DM 5000B)                                     (MD Flexstation 3) 


             Preparative Ultracentrifuge               High Pressure Homogeniser                         Ultra-Sonicator  

                    (Optima L-100XP)                                (JNBIO JN-10C)                                    (Covaris S220) 


           Automated Oligo Synthesizer                           Bioanalyzer                                Real-Time PCR System 

                       (Oligo-192 )                                        (Agilent 2100)                                      (7500 Fast)


                  2-D Electrophoresis                       UV-Vis Spectrophotometer           Nucleic Acid Fractionation Collector

               (PROTEAN IEF system)                             (NanoDrop 2000)                                   (LabChip XT)


                 6-Parallel Bioreactor                                 Bioreactor 70L                       Pilot-Scale Bioreactors System

                       (Labfors-4)                                            (Applikon)



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