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TIB-RWTH Joint Center of Biotechnology holds a symposium on Protein Engineering and Biocatalysis for Sustainable Biomanufacturing [2022-10-26]
TIB attended 2022 International Forum on South-South Cooperation and Trade in Services [2022-09-13]
CCIB Hosts Workshop on Green Biomanufacturing of Bio-based Materials [2022-09-13]
TIB Hosts "CCIB Workshop on Bioenergy: A Road to Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality" [2022-06-23]
TIB Hosts "CCIB Workshop on Crop Microbiome and Sustainable Agriculture" [2022-04-19]
TIB-IB RWTH Joint Center for Biotechnology Holds a Seminar on Promoting Technology Transfer [2022-04-02]
TIB has a meeting with NSTDA [2022-03-23]
TIB hosts the Second International Training Course on Industrial Synthetic Biotechnology [2022-01-06]
TIB Hosted the CCIB Workshop on 'Technical Innovation in Traditional Plant Medicine' [2021-10-19]
Chinese Scientists Report Starch Synthesis from CO2 [2021-09-24]
TIB-IB RWTH Joint Center of Biotechnology, NC SynBio has been established [2021-09-07]
COMSATS Joint Center for Industrial Biotechnology is Established in Tianjin [2021-04-16]
TIB-VIB Joint Center of Synthetic Biology, NC SynBio has been established [2020-12-10]
TIB hosted the International Training Course on Industrial Synthetic Biotechnology [2019-11-19]
The 2019 Metabolic Engineering Summit (MES 2019) was successfully held by TIB [2019-11-17]
2nd Sino-German Symposium on Fungal Biotechnology was held in Tianjin [2019-11-24]
TIB successfully hosted the 22nd Meeting of COMSATS Coordinating Council [2019-04-22]
ICCBS and TIB Signs the MoU on Cooperation of Science and Technology [2019-01-10]
TIB Became Member of COMSATS’ Network of International S&T Centres of Excellence [2018-04-23]
Value-added utilization of carbon dioxide via unprecedented effective enzymatic Kolbe-Schmitt reaction [2016-03-16]
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