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TIB-RWTH Joint Center of Biotechnology holds a symposium on Protein Engineering and Biocatalysis for Sustainable Biomanufacturing

On September 28, the TIB-RWTH Joint Center of Biotechnology (hereinafter referred to as "Joint Center") held a workshop on Protein Engineering and Biocatalysis for Sustainable Biomanufacturing online and offline. Prof. WANG Qinhong, Deputy director-general of Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (TIB), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) attended the meeting and delivered an opening speech. Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg, Director of the Joint Center and Director of the Institute of Biotechnology, RWTH Aachen University and Prof. Zhu Leilei of TIB, Deputy director of the Joint Center, co-chaired the meeting.

During the meeting, Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg, Prof. Lothar Elling, Prof. Maria Fyta, Prof. Lars Lauterbach, Prof. Thomas Bergs from RWTH Aachen University and Dr. Mehdi D. Davari from Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (Halle, Germany) and Prof. Zhu Dunming, Prof. Zhang Yiheng, Prof. Sun Zhoutong, Prof. Zhu Leilei, Prof. Sheng Xiang and Dr. Zhang Xuewen from TIB presented their latest work covering protein engineering, enzyme molecular design and reaction mechanism, biocatalysis, synthetic biology in vitro and so on. After the presentation, the participants made in-depth discussions, and explored how to carry out international cooperation relying on the role of the Joint Center platform.

More than 60 participants from China and Germany joined this workshop. The wonderful presentations and ideas exchange among different scholars have greatly enhanced the understanding between Chinese and German researchers. The workshop also played a positive role for in-depth industry-university-research cooperation between the two sides in further. 


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