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Value-added utilization of carbon dioxide via unprecedented effective enzymatic Kolbe-Schmitt reaction [2016-03-16]
USTC-TIB Cohosts Synthetic Biology Seminar in Tianjin [2016-03-17]
Green Hydrogen Production from Biomass Catalyzed by Enzyme Cocktails [2015-04-08]
Ethiopia delegates visited TIB [2015-02-04]
Prof. Jurgen Rohr from University of Kentucky visited TIB [2014-11-05]
Scientists developed a bioinformatics tool for accurate prediction of protein crystallization propensity [2014-10-15]
Biosynthesis of Rare Sugars Through Constructing a Recombination Pathway in an Engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum [2014-09-11]
First Sino–Canada Workshop on Biomass Transformation and Commercial Opportunities was successfully held at TIB, CAS [2014-06-16]
Prof. SUN Yuanxia gave a plenary lecture on “Rare Sugar Symposium 2014 in Kagawa” [2014-04-22]
Researchers found a novel L-arabinose isomerase from a food-grade microorganism [2014-01-15]
Professor Richard Clague Gardner visited TIB [2013-11-24]
Professor Ole Hindsgaul from Danish Carlseberg Laboratory Visited TIB [2013-07-03]
Three Biologists from Germany visited TIB [2013-06-24]
Dr. Huifeng Jiang provided a very-high-resolution view of bacteriophage lambda gene expression and identified many unappreciated potential open reading frames [2013-11-24]
Professor Geoff Webb from Monash University visited TIB [2013-08-01]
New advances in prediction of caspase and granzyme cleavage targets [2013-11-24]
Professor Richard Clague from the Royal Academy of Sciences of New Zealand Gardner visits TIB [2013-11-22]
TIB made new progress on microbial production of β-carotene [2013-11-22]
Professor Ole Hindsgaul from Danish Carlseberg Laboratory Visits TIB [2013-11-22]
Professor Irene Wagner-D?bler from the German Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) gives lecture at TIB [2013-11-22]
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