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Professor Ole Hindsgaul from Danish Carlseberg Laboratory Visited TIB

Professor Ole Hindsgaul from Danish Carlsberg Laboratory visited TIB at the invitation of Professor Huaming Wang for possible collaboration between TIB and Carlsberg Laboratory on July 2th.

Ole Hindsgaul was a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Alberta, Canada, from 1981 to 2003. He then moved to the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen. His research interests are in areas of carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry. Analysis of carbohydrates today is a very advanced field relying heavily on separation technology, comparison with reference standards and skilled application of sophisticated instrumental techniques. Professor Hindsgaul’s group is exploring the development of new simple chemistry-based methods that will yield information on the identity and quantity of a carbohydrate solute with minimal use of sophisticated instruments.

Professor Ole Hindsgaul gave a lecture entitled "Carlsberg Laboratory and the Carlsberg Research Center". In the lecture, he first presented the history of Carlsberg Laboratory in Denmark since 1847 and the latest research progress in beer industry in several key areas (barley property improvement; yeast genome research; beer component analysis and fermentation process optimization). In the lecture, professor Hindsgaul introduced a key method (DNP-NMR) for the beer ingredient analysis with a high sensitivity. Using this method, in combination with C13 labeled, his lab has greatly increased the sensitivity of the analysis for the trace component in beer. Carlsberg Laboratory also used genetic engineering method to remove LOX produced during the beer fermentation, which greatly improved the taste of beer and extended the shelf life of beer.

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