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TIB-IB RWTH Joint Center of Biotechnology, NC SynBio has been established

Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (TIB), Chinese Academy of Sciences and RWTH Aachen University (hereinafter referred to as 'RWTH') hosted the signing ceremony for the TIB-IB RWTH Joint Center of Biotechnology (hereinafter referred to as 'TRCBio') via on-line on September 3, 2021 during the 3rd Aachen Protein Engineering Symposium (AcES). TIB leaders including the Director-General Prof. MA Yanhe, three Deputy Directors including Prof. ZHANG Xuecheng, Prof. SUN Jibin, and Prof. WANG Qinhong, related scientists and administrative officials, and RWTH’s Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ute Habel, Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg, Director of the Institute of Biotechnology, RWTH Aachen University (hereinafter referred to as 'IB RWTH') and related officials attended. The signing ceremony was co-hosted by Prof. WANG Qinhong and Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg.

During the ceremony, Prof. MA Yanhe and Prof. Ute Habel on behalf of the both sides signed the agreement, unveiled the nameplate for the joint center, and made a speech, respectivly for the establishment of the joint center. Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg was appointed the Director of the TRCBio by TIB and RWTH. Meanwhile, the participants watched the publicity video of the National Center of Technology Innovation for Synthetic Biology (NC SynBio).

Biotechnology is playing a leading role in human welfare since its existence and promoting a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial development. As a core research institute in the field of industrial biotechnology of China, TIB as the host Institute is building the NC SynBio which is intended to be an open and shared collaborative innovation platform. RWTH is an internationally renowned university, IB RWTH is an advanced research institution in biotechnology especially in the development of next generation biocatalysis and biohybrid catalysis systems with tailor made functionalities.

As the third international joint center under the framework of NC SynBio, the TRCBio is targeted to build an exchange and collaboration platform in biotechnology to promote the joint R&D, staff exchange, information & resources sharing, technology transfer and industrialization between the two sides with a focus on “robust protein development by computational and evolutionary approach” and to promote its application in sustainable recycling bioeconomy.

During the past years, TIB and RWTH has maintained a good relationship in various forms such as academic visit, joint publications. The establishment of TRCBio will further help both sides to utilize respective advantages and platforms to push the mutual cooperation to a new level and thus to promote the bioeconomy development especially by enzyme’s industrial application both in China and Germany.

About 200 AcES attendees from nearly 20 countries including Germany, China, Italy, United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Japan, Czech Republic, Chile, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, India, Denmark, Singapore, United States, Russia witnessed the signing ceremony. After the signing ceremony, five researchers, such as Prof. Zhu Leilei, attended the 3rd AcES and presented their latest research progress in the area of protein engineering.

Prof. MA Yanhe and Prof. Ute Habel on behalf of the both sides signed the agreement ( Image by TIBCAS)

Prof. MA Yanhe and Prof. Ute Habel unveiled the nameplate for the joint center ( Image by TIBCAS)

Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg was appointed the Director of the TRCBio by TIB and RWTH ( Image by TIBCAS)

Group Photo  ( Image by TIBCAS)

Researchers attended the 3rd AcES  ( Image by TIBCAS)


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