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Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues,

Sustainability-driven innovation is triggering and will lead to substantial changes on social and economic structures. Reshaping the world through gene technology - understanding, creating and utilizing living organisms for economic growth and prosperity creation, has become one of the most exciting scientific frontiers. The Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (TIB), Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Tianjin Municipal Government, was just born in such an exciting scientific development process.

At TIB, we are committed to decrease the carbon footprints of economic development and reduce the adverse environmental effects of human activity, through innovation in industrial biotechnology. We are committed to provide scientific and technological solutions to address industrial challenges using life sciences knowledge and biotechnological approaches. Furthermore, we are committed to develop a new era where “green” wealth and prosperity will be created by changing the global industrial manufacturing patterns in sectors as diverse as energy, chemicals, materials, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.


Prof. Yanhe Ma


All these commitments will be met through developing a multidisciplinary science termed as "new biology" which integrates industrial protein science, industrial systems biology, industrial synthetic biology, industrial fermentation science, together with biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering science, and computing science. New biology will help us to better understand the biological processes and mechanisms of living organisms from the molecular, cellular, and systems level. New biology will also help us to develop novel biocatalytic, biosynthetic, biorefining, and bioprocessing technologies by using artificially designed biocatalysts, which can be proteins, or cells, or biological systems.   

Overall, the TIB is pursuing a harmonic co-development of economy, society, and environment, through designing and constructing an eco-friendly route for industrial development. To this end, TIB has defined itself as a technology-driven and commercial application-driven research institute with the strategic aim to innovate for the nation and innovate for well-being. TIB has established wide domestic and international public-private partnerships to overcome the barriers between scientific discoveries and commercial applications. Moreover, TIB is developing an encouraging R&D evaluation system with the aim to stimulate and motivate the scientists working at TIB. I also want to emphasize that at TIB we are open for cooperation, and we are constantly anticipating talented individuals to join TIB so we can develop TIB together.   

The past seven years have witnessed the very difficult preparation process for establishing TIB. With the all-around support from the nation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Tianjin Municipal Government, we are confident that TIB will be developed into an internationally visible institute exerting significant roles in industrial biotechnology. We are also confident that TIB will play a significant role in supporting the development of China's green economy.   

Once again, thank you for visiting the TIB website, and we look forward to welcoming you at TIB.   


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