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The Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (TIB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a non-profit national research institute jointly established by CAS and Tianjin Municipal Government. TIB was approved by the State Commission for Public Sector Reform in March 2012, and was officially established as one of the CAS research institutes on 29 November 2012.

TIB is committed to establish a national innovation system for industrial biotechnology to promote the eco-friendly development of industrial sectors. TIB is committed to link research and industry by tackling the key challenges hampering the commercial application of living organisms. Moreover, TIB is committed to support the sustainable development of Tianjin Municipality, Bohai Rim, and China, by developing novel industrial biotechnologies based on a multidisciplinary emerging science - New Biology, which integrates protein science, systems biology, synthetic biology, and fermentation science.

TIB has defined substituting renewable carbon resources for fossil resources, substituting green bioprocessing for traditional chemical processing, and promoting industrial productivity and efficiency through modern biotechnology, as its core missions and long-term strategic goals. Accordingly, TIB has defined industrial protein science and biocatalytic engineering, synthetic biology and microbial manufacturing engineering, and biological systems and bioprocess engineering, as its core scientific areas.

TIB employs a three-dimensional scientific management system which comprises individual research groups, Research and Development Integration Center (RDIC), and Core Facilities. TIB is developing a “four-in-one” model which integrates scientific research, technological innovation, business incubation, and graduate student education. Using this model, TIB aims to deliver scientific outputs, talent people, and strategic reports, to serve for the needs from the nation, the local society, and the industries.

TIB has established state-of-the-art core facilities covering high-throughput screening, systems biotechnology, fermentation, and genome synthesis. TIB has also established a National Engineering Laboratory for Industrial Enzymes, a CAS Key Laboratory for Microbial Systems Biotechnology, and a Tianjin Key Laboratory for Industrial Biosystems and Process Engineering. TIB has formed strategic partnerships with more than 80 international and domestic enterprises and has set up 13 joint laboratories with these partners.

As of August 2018, TIB had a total of 595 staffs and graduate students. The R&D at TIB is led by 33 principal investigators. To date, TIB has undertaken morethan 400 research projects sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), National Natural Science Foundation of China, CAS, Tianjin Municipality, and other funding agencies or industries.

TIB has received a first-level Technology Invention Prize awarded by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, and a second-level and third-level Tianjin Municipality Technology Progress Prizes. TIB has been awarded as a National Base for International S&T Cooperation by MOST. In addition, the Industrial Enzyme Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance coordinated by TIB, has been approved by MOST as a member of the National Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.

TIB has made notable progress in technology transfer. The Tianjin Industrial Technology Innovation and Incubation Center of CAS affiliated at TIB, has created eight high-tech spin-off companies.

TIB is located in the beautiful Tianjin Airport Economic Area. It has a 43,000 m2 building located in a four-hectare campus, while the second phase construction is under development. It is TIB’s mission to continuously strengthen its capabilities in innovation and technology transfer so as to become a global leader in industrial biotechnology R&D.

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