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Prof. Igor Goryanin from University of Edinburgh visited TIB

Prof. Igor Goryanin from University of Edinburgh visited TIB and gave a lecture titled “Microbial fuel cells, Application for waste water treatment” at the invitation of Prof. Hongwu Ma on November 11, 2014. 

During the lecture, Prof. Igor Goryanin introduced the principle, research progress and scale-up application of Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC). He made a depth introduction about the bioinformatics methods used during his research, especially the analysis method of metagenomics. After the lecture, Prof. Igor Goryanin conducted in-depth exchanges with researchers in the institute, and discussed the further cooperation in the future research work. 

Introduction to Prof. Igor Goryanin: He obtained his PhD degree in Biophysics in 1995 at Institute of Biophysics Russian Academy of Science. Since 2005, Prof. Igor Goryanin takes the position of a Henrik Kacser Chair in Computational Systems Biology in University of Edinburgh. He co-founded the Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh, where he was a co-director (2006–2010), and Edinburgh Centre for Bioinformatics, where he was a director (2005–2010). Since 2010, Prof. Igor Goryanin served as Adjunct Professor of Biological Systems Unit in Okinawa Institute Science and Technology. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Biobank Inc, PI of the project “Pathway Editor”, Co-Founder of the first systems biology alliance IECA (International E.coli Alliance) and “Systems Biology Graphical Notation” (SBGN). He is the Author of DBsolve, software for mathematical stimulation and analysis of the cellular metabolism and regulation, and he applied biological systems biology methods to manufacturing. 


Prof. Igor Goryanin 


The scene of Prof. Igor Goryanin’s report 

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