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Professor Donald F. Gerson from PnuVax Incorporated of Canada visited TIB

Professor Donald F. Gerson from the PnuVax Incorporated of Canada, visited Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences at the invitation of Professor Zhiyong Huang on April 11, 2014 to make a communication with members of Tianjin Key Laboratory for Industrial Biological Systems and Bioprocessing Engineering. 

Professor Gerson gave a lecture entitled “Start-Up of a new Biotechnology Company”. During the lecture, he systematically and comprehensively introduced how he started a new biotech company in Canada and how it has made rapid progress in new product development for Human vaccines for worldwide distribution. The company's production process and strict quality control, good planning of the overall operation, are crucial to the development of the company. Dr. Gerson made a deep discussion and exchange on company personnel management, equipment maintenance, technical problems in production process with the attendees. 

Background Introduction of the speaker: 

Dr. Gerson received his Ph.D. from McGill University, was professor of biophysics and biochemical engineering at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. He was a Member of the Basel Institute for Immunology at Hoffmann La Roche in Switzerland, where he worked for Prof. Niels Jerne, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1984. He has over 90 publications and 5 patents in various areas of biotechnology, including biophysics, cell physiology, immunology, biochemical engineering, vaccine development, and biologicals manufacturing.  

Dr. Gerson started as a senior technical director since the last century 80's, in Canada, American, China and the Republic of Korea. He has been responsible for the construction preparation for the production of various kinds of biotechnology products factory, and presided over its operation. And as the President and COO of Celltrion Inc., a manufacturer of mammalian cell producing protein biopharmaceuticals with 50,000 liters of capacity located in Incheon, Korea, the first biologicals facility in Asia to be licensed by the US FDA, and supplier of the BMS biopharmaceutical Orencia. 


Professor Donald F. Gerson gave a lecture  


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