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Dr. Guojun Wang from University of Kentucky visited TIB

Dr. Guojun Wang from the college of pharmacy of University of Kentucky visited TIB and gave a speech on “Biosynthesis of Bioactive Small Molecules-Biology and Biochemical Approaches” on January 8th at the invitation of Professor Tao Liu.

In the lecture, Dr. Guojun Wang introduced his research direction and progress in each research period. His research mainly focused on prompting the development of biological medicine, including exploring the correlation between structure modifications of small molecules and their biological activities, trying to create new drugs or improve the properties of existing drugs through artificial design.

After the report, Dr. Guojun Wang visited the Evolution of Metabolic Engineering and Molecular Evolution Lab and the Biosynthesis of Natural Compounds Lab in the company of professors Qinhong Wang and Tao Liu.

Dr. Guojun Wang is mainly engaged in the biosynthesis of active small molecules and related researches. He has published nearly 20 research papers. Most of the papers are published in famous journals in the field of chemistry and microbiology, such as Angew., Chem. Intl. Ed., JACS, ChemBioChem, Antimicrob., Agent Chemother., j. Bacteriol., Appl. Environ. Micriobiol. The highest citation frequency of his papers where he is the first author paper is 45 times.

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