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DSM Corporate Dr. Oliver May Visited TIB

Dr. Oliver May, corporate scientist of DSM, together with his colleagues visited Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (TIB) on September 26th. Dr. May was invited to give a talk on “Biocatalysis at DSM”.

ZHU Dunming, director of national engineering laboratory for industrial enzymes, gave the guests a warm welcome and introduced Dr May’s academic background to participants. Dr. May was educated in Germany, and received a PhD degree in technical biology from the University of Stuttgart. He has authored more than 45 scientific contributions in journals and books and patent applications. He and his team were awarded several innovation awards. Now, Dr. May was responsible for DSM worldwide scientific activities in the field of biocatalysis. In the report, Dr. May first introduced the history and corporate culture of DSM. He elaborated DSM’s research progress and recent innovation in biocatalysis. Then the guests and the local scientists exchanged ideas and discussed the development trend of biocatalysis in China. The visit of Dr. May will strengthen the cooperation of two sides in the field of Biocatalysis.

DSM Corporate Dr. Oliver May Visit TIB
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