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Professor Richard Clague Gardner visited TIB [2013-11-24]
Professor Adrian Tsang from Concordia University visited TIB [2013-10-30]
Professor Irene Wagner-Doebler from the German Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) gave a lecture at TIB [2013-08-02]
Professor Geoff Webb from Monash University visited TIB [2013-08-01]
Professor Ole Hindsgaul from Danish Carlseberg Laboratory Visited TIB [2013-07-03]
Three Biologists from Germany visited TIB [2013-06-24]
Professor Richard Clague from the Royal Academy of Sciences of New Zealand Gardner visited TIB [2013-04-30]
Two professors on bioinformatics from Japan visited TIB [2013-03-19]
Chief Technology Officer Erik Kakes from Applikon Biotechnology , Inc visited TIB [2013-01-24]
Dr. Guojun Wang from University of Kentucky visited TIB [2013-01-10]
DSM Corporate Dr. Oliver May Visited TIB [2010-10-12]
Dr. Eric C. Roos, CTO of Holland DSM Corp., and his coworkers visited TIB [2009-07-17]
Guests from Applikon Inc.(Netherland) and Hua Yue Group paid a visit to Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (TIB), Chinese Academy of Sciences. [2009-09-22]
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