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Hairong Xia

Hairong Xia, Ph.D.

Investigator, Director of Core Facility Centre, TIB, Tianjin, China

Tel: 022-24828744

Fax: 022-24828743

E-mail: xia_hr(AT)



1995-1999     Bachelor of Chemistry, Xiangtan University

1999-2004       Ph.D. of Computational Chemistry, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS

2004-2006       Post-doctor,  ITODYS-CNRS UMR 7086, University Paris 7-Denis Diderot

Professional Experience

2006-2013       Associate professor, Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health, CAS

2013-present   Professor, Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, CAS

Selected Publications

1.        Fang, X. G.; Xia, H. R.; Yu, H.; Dong, X. C.; Chen. M. B.; Wang, Q. R.; Tao, F. G.; Li, C. Z. “On the 6-Exo Atom Transfer Radical Cyclization Reactions of 3-Butenyl 2-Iodoalkanoates”. J. Org. Chem. 2002, 67, 8481-8488.

2.         Zhang, X.G.; Xia, H. R.; Dong, X. C.; Jin, J.; Meng, W. D.; Qing, F. L. “3-Deoxy-3,3- difluoro-D-arabinofuranose: First Stereoselective Synthesis and Application in Preparation of gem-Difluorinated Sugar Nucleosides”. J. Org. Chem. 2003, 68, 9026-9033.

3.        Chen, H. F.; Fan, B. T.; Xia, H. R.; Petitjean, M.; Yuan, S. G.; Panaye, A.; Doucet, J. P. “Massis: a mass spectrum simulation system. 1. Principle and method” Eur. J. Mass. Spectrom. 2003, 9, 175-186.

4.         Chen, H. F.; Fan, B. T.; Petitjean, M.; Xia, H. R.; Panaye, A.; Doucet, J. P.; Li, F.; Yuan, S. G.. “Massis: a mass spectrum simulation system. 2. Procedures and performance”. Eur. J. Mass. Spectrom. 2003, 9, 445-457.

5.        H.F. Chen, X.J. Yao, M. Petitjean, H.R. Xia, S.G. Yuan, A. Panaye, J.P. Doucet, B.T. Fan,  “Insight into the Bioactivity and Metabolism of Human Glucagon Receptor Antagonists From 3D-QSAR Analyses”. QSAR & Comb. Sci., 2004, 23, 603-620.

6.         Fan, B.T.; Chen, H.F.; Xia, H.R.; Petitjean, M.; Yuan, S.G.; Panaye, A.; Doucet, J-P. "New strategy of Mass spectrum simulation based on reduced and concentrated knowledge databases”. Spec. Lett., 2005, 38, 145-170.

7.        Jing Sun, Hai Feng Chen, Hai Rong Xia, Jian Hua Yao, Bo Tao Fan, “Comparative Study of Factor Xa Inhibitors Using Molecular Docking/ SVM/HQSAR/3D-QSAR Methods”. QSAR & Comb. Sci., 2006, 25, 25-45. 

8.        Jean-Pierre Doucet, Florent Barbault, Hairong Xia, Annick Panaye, Botao Fan, “NonLinear SVM Approaches to QSPR/QSAR Study and Drug Design”, Invited review, Curr. Computer-Aided Drug Design, 2007,263-289.

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