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WU Qiaqing

WU Qiaqing, Ph.D. 

Investigator, TIB, Tianjin, China 

Tel: 0086-22- 84861963 

Fax: 0086-22- 84861996




1982.9-1986.7    Department of Biology, Sichuan University  (B.S)

1989.9-1992.7    Department of Biology, Sichuan University (M.S)

2001.9-2004.7    Huaxi Hospital ,Sichuan University  (Ph.D)

Professional Experience

1986.7-1989.9   Huaibei coal industry teachers college

1992.7-2009.5   Chengdu Institute of Biology,CAS.

                          Chengdu di-ao pharmaceutical group co., Itd

                     Research Assistant, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor;

2009.6-              Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, CAS. Professor

Research Interest

Our group research interests are focoused on discovery, improvement and applications of industrial enzymes for chiral synthesis.

Selected Publications

1. Xi Chen, Hongliu Zhang, M. A. M. Solano, Weidong Liu, Jianjiong Li, Jinhui Feng, Xiangtao Liu, S. Osuna*, R.-T. Guo, Qiaqing Wu*, Dunming Zhu*, Yanhe Ma  “Efficient Reductive Desymmetrization of Bulky Prochiral 1,3-Cyclodiketone Enabled by Structure-Guided Directed Evolution of a Carbonyl Reductase”, Nature Catalysis, 2019, Corresponding authors

2. Na Liu, Jinhui Feng, Rui Zhang, Xi Chen, Xuemei Li, Peiyuan Yao, Qiaqing Wu*, Yanhe Ma, Dunming Zhu*, “Efficient Microbial Synthesis of Key Steroidal Intermediates from Bio-Renewable Phytosterols by Genetically Modified Mycobacterium fortuitum Strains”  Green Chem., 2019,21,4076-4083 Co- Corresponding authors

3. Shanshan Yu, Peiyuan Yao, Jinlong Li, Jinhui Feng, Qiaqing Wu*, Dunming Zhu*, “Improving Catalytic Efficiency and Stereoselectivity of a Nitrilase from Syechocystis sp. PCC6803 by Semi-rational Engineering en Route to Chiral ?-Amino Acids”, Catalysis Science and Technology, 2019, 9, 1504-1510. (selected as Hot Article).  Co-Corresponding authors

4. Peiyuan Yao, Zefei Xu, Shanshan Yu, Qiaqing Wu*, Dunming Zhu*, “Imine Reductase-Catalyzed Enantioselective Reduction of Bulky α, β-Unsaturated Imines en Route to a Pharmaceutically Important Morphinan Skeleton”, Adv. Synth. Catal., 2019, 361, 556-561. (selected as “Hot Topic: Biocatalysis” article)   Co-Corresponding authors

5. Yan Zhang, Peiyuan Yao, Yunfeng Cui, Qiaqing Wu*, Dunming Zhu* “One-Pot Enzymatic Synthesis of Cyclic Vicinal Diols from Aliphatic Dialdehydes via Intramolecular C-C Bond Formation and Carbonyl Reduction Using Pyruvate Decarboxylases and Alcohol Dehydrogenases” Adv. Synth. Catal., 2018, 360, 4191–4196   Co-Corresponding authors

6. Xinkuan Cheng, Xi Chen, Jinhui Feng, Qiaqing Wu*,Dunming Zhu*  “Structure-guided engineering of meso-diaminopimelate dehydrogenase forenantioselective reductive amination of sterically bulky 2-keto acids” Catal. Sci. Technol.2018,8,4994-5002  Co-Corresponding authors

7. Peiyuan Yao, Peiqian Cong, Rui Gong, Jinlong Li, Guangyue Li, Jie Ren, Jinhui Feng, Jianping Lin, Peter C. K. Lau*, Qiaqing Wu*,and Dunming Zhu* Biocatalytic Route to Chiral 2Substituted-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroquinoline Using Cyclohexylamine Oxidase Muteins  ACS Catal. 2018,8,1648-1652 Co-Corresponding authors

8. Rui Gong, Peiyuan Yao*, Xi Chen, Jinhui Feng, Qiaqing Wu*, Peter C. K. Lau*,,Dunming Zhu  “Novel Access to D-Valine Synthesis by Improved Variants of Bacterial Cyclohexylamine Oxidase” ChemCatChem 2018,10,387-390  Co-Corresponding authors

9. Dunming Zhu, Qiaqing Wu “Engineering the enantioselectivity of biocatalyst”  Chin J Biotech  2009,2512:1770-1778

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