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Ma Hongwu

MA Hongwu, Ph.D.

Investigator, TIB, Tianjin, China

Tel: 022-24828735

Fax: 022-24828735

E-mail: ma_hw(AT)



1997 - 2001: Ph.D, School of Chemical Engineering & Technology, Tianjin University. 

2001 - 2005: Postdoc, GBF: German Research Centre for Biotechnology.

Professional Experience

2005 –2011: Senior research fellow, School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh.

2011 – :     Professor, Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, CAS

Main Projects

1. National Key Research and Development Program of Chinahigh version chassis for model organisms2019-2023

2. International Partnership Program  of  Chinese Academy of SciencesArtificial cell factories for natural product synthesis. 2018-2022

3. Key Research Program of the Chinese Academy of SciencesArtificial pathways for CO2 utilization 2016-2018

4. National Key Basic Research Program of ChinaConstruction of novel pathways for biomaterial synthesis using synthetic biology methods, 2012-2016

5. Key Projects in the Tianjin Science & Technology Pillar ProgramBiosynthetic pathway design by combining data and models 2014-2017 

Research Interest

1. Pathway design based on metabolic network analysis: finding optimal pathways for converting a substrate to useful bioproducts; designing metabolic Engineering strategies to redirect the metabolic flux toward the optimal pathways.

2. kinetic models of biosystems: building kinetic models based on experimental measurement or literature data, model simulation and control analysis.

3. Whole cell models for model organisms that integrate enzyme kinetics, regulatory information and thermodynamics information with stoichiometric network models.  

4. Web/cloud based tools and software for computational analysis of biosystems. 

Selected Publications

1.    Yang, X.; Yuan, Q.; Luo, H.; Li, F.; Mao, Y.; Zhao, X.; Du, J.; Li, P.; Ju, X.; Zheng, Y.; Chen, Y.; Liu, Y.; Jiang, H.; Yao, Y.; Ma, H.; Ma, Y., Systematic design and in vitro validation of novel one-carbon assimilation pathways. Metabolic engineering 2019.

2.     Wang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Li, J.; Yang, Y.; Ni, X.; Cheng, H.; Huang, T.; Guo, Y.; Ma, H.; Zheng, P.; Wang, M.; Sun, J.; Ma, Y., Expanding targeting scope, editing window, and base transition capability of base editing in Corynebacterium glutamicum. Biotechnology and bioengineering 2019.

3.     Lu, X.; Liu, Y.; Yang, Y.; Wang, S.; Wang, Q.; Wang, X.; Yan, Z.; Cheng, J.; Liu, C.; Yang, X.; Luo, H.; Yang, S.; Gou, J.; Ye, L.; Lu, L.; Zhang, Z.; Guo, Y.; Nie, Y.; Lin, J.; Li, S.; Tian, C.; Cai, T.; Zhuo, B.; Ma, H.; Wang, W.; Ma, Y.; Liu, Y.; Li, Y.; Jiang, H., Constructing a synthetic pathway for acetyl-coenzyme A from one-carbon through enzyme design. Nature communications 2019, 10 (1), 1378.

4.     Liu, D.; Sun, H.; Ma, H., Deciphering Microbiome Related to Rusty Roots of Panax ginseng and Evaluation of Antagonists Against Pathogenic Ilyonectria. Frontiers in microbiology 2019, 10, 1350.

5.     Cui, Z., Zhao, Y. , Mao, Y. , Shi, T. , Lu, L. , Ma, H. , Wang, Z. and Chen, T. , In vitro biosynthesis of optically pure d(?)acetoin from meso2,3butanediol using 2,3butanediol dehydrogenase and NADH oxidase. J. Chem. Technol. Biotechnol. 2019, 94, 8.

6.     Zheng, Y.; Yuan, Q.; Luo, H.; Yang, X.; Ma, H., Engineering NOG-pathway in Escherichia coli for poly-(3-hydroxybutyrate) production from low cost carbon sources. Bioengineered 2018, 9 (1), 209-213.

7.     Zhang, S.; Liu, D.; Mao, Z.; Mao, Y.; Ma, H.; Chen, T.; Zhao, X.; Wang, Z., Model-based reconstruction of synthetic promoter library in Corynebacterium glutamicum. Biotechnology letters 2018, 40 (5), 819-827.

8.     Liu, D.; Mao, Z.; Guo, J.; Wei, L.; Ma, H.; Tang, Y.; Chen, T.; Wang, Z.; Zhao, X., Construction, Model-Based Analysis, and Characterization of a Promoter Library for Fine-Tuned Gene Expression in Bacillus subtilis. ACS synthetic biology 2018, 7 (7), 1785-1797.

9.     Li, F.; Xie, W.; Yuan, Q.; Luo, H.; Li, P.; Chen, T.; Zhao, X.; Wang, Z.; Ma, H., Genome-scale metabolic model analysis indicates low energy production efficiency in marine ammonia-oxidizing archaea. AMB Express 2018, 8 (1), 106.

10.   Zheng, Y.; Yuan, Q.; Yang, X.; Ma, H., Engineering Escherichia coli for poly-(3-hydroxybutyrate) production guided by genome-scale metabolic network analysis. Enzyme and microbial technology 2017, 106, 60-66.

11.   Yuan, Q.; Huang, T.; Li, P.; Hao, T.; Li, F.; Ma, H.; Wang, Z.; Zhao, X.; Chen, T.; Goryanin, I., Pathway-Consensus Approach to Metabolic Network Reconstruction for Pseudomonas putida KT2440 by Systematic Comparison of Published Models. PloS one 2017, 12 (1), e0169437.

12.   Zhou, W.; You, C.; Ma, H.; Ma, Y.; Zhang, Y. H., One-Pot Biosynthesis of High-Concentration alpha-Glucose 1-Phosphate from Starch by Sequential Addition of Three Hyperthermophilic Enzymes. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2016, 64 (8), 1777-83.

13.   Yang, X.; Yuan, Q.; Zheng, Y.; Ma, H.; Chen, T.; Zhao, X., An engineered non-oxidative glycolysis pathway for acetone production in Escherichia coli. Biotechnology letters 2016, 38 (8), 1359-65.

14.   Meng, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Ju, X.; Ma, C.; Ma, H.; Chen, J.; Zheng, P.; Sun, J.; Zhu, J.; Ma, Y.; Zhao, X.; Chen, T., Production of 5-aminolevulinic acid by cell free multi-enzyme catalysis. Journal of biotechnology 2016, 226, 8-13.

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