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Joint Laboratories

To promote the commercialization of industrial biotechnology in such fields as industrial chemicals, biomedicine and health food, etc., and to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises and enhance their market competitiveness, the institute has established cooperative R&D relationships with local governments and enterprises. The joint laboratories we have established are increasingly becoming platforms for collaborative technology development and help ensure our institute’s research achievements can be successfully transferred to commercial enterprises.

The establishment of joint laboratories helps the institute and enterprises keep up with national industrial policies and market requirements. On the basis of the principles of reciprocity and mutual benefit, and focusing on long-term and mutual development, the joint laboratories carry out comprehensive, multileveled, and wide-ranging technical cooperation in an organized and planned way.

Joint laboratories established by TIB:


Cooperating Enterprise

Joint Laboratory

Field of Cooperation


Tianjin Chunfa Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.

Chunfa-TIB Joint Innovation Lab

Development of “green food” flavorings


COFCO (Anhui) Biochemistry Co.,Ltd.

COFCO-TIB Strategic United Lab

Development of high-yield amino acid production techniques


Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research-TIB Joint Lab on Biosynthesis

Production and development of chiral drugs and amino acids


Tianjin Ringpu Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

Ringpu-TIB Joint Innovation Lab

Antibacterial peptides and related fields


Qingdao Vland Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Weilan-TIB Joint Lab

Development of new industrial enzymes and new protein expression systems


Beijing Golden Beetle Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Golden Beetle-TIB Joint Lab

Research on microbial degradation of kitchen garbage


Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd.

Luzhou Laojiao Brewing Center-TIB Joint Lab

Development of solid-state brewing technology



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