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CAS Hundred Talents Program Recruitment


CAS’s Hundred Talents Program was the first talent recruiting and training program in China with high aims, high standards and a high level of support. Since its establishment in 1994, the Hundred Talents Program has been a key program for attracting and training academic and technology leaders. With the launch of the pilot project for CAS’s Knowledge Innovation Program, this program has made significant progress. Supported by an exclusive talent grant by the central government, the Program to Engage Outstanding Overseas Talent was launched in 1998. In the meantime, CAS made the decision to support recipients of the National Outstanding Young Investigator Grant through the Hundred Talents Program. In 2001, the Chinese Overseas Established Scholars Program was added. CAS has attracted and trained almost a thousand talented individuals through the Hundred Talents Program and built a team of excellent academic leaders. In addition, the program itself has become a well-known and influential talent program in domestic and international academic societies.   

Basic requirements  

1. Individuals working overseas  

Applicants must also meet the following basic requirements:  

a) Have a doctorate under 40.  

b) Have four consecutive years of post-Ph.D. overseas research experience. Applicants generally should have the title of assistant professor or above or its equivalent in a foreign country.  

c) Have experience managing a project or fully participating in a project and making major achievements as a key member of the research team.  

d) Have considerable impact in one’s academic field in China or abroad; be able to use long-term strategic thinking to understand the direction of development in one’s field; be able to lead a team to conduct research at the forefront of international science and make innovations that reach international levels.  

e) Have outstanding academic attainments, including academic achievements at the international level; a record of publishing numerous influential papers in important journals; mastery of key technology as evidenced by significant inventions and patents; strong academic leadership capacity.  

f) Candidates should respect scientific ethics and be honest, disciplined and respectful of others. They should be dedicated to working for Chinese science and technology development and national economic construction.   

2. Individuals working at domestic universities and research institutes  

Individuals should be young, key personnel with senior titles.   


1. The successful candidates can enjoy the relevant treatment and allowance of this program, supported by CAS and institute. 

2. The successful candidates can enjoy a highly competitive research start-up fund, as well as good working and research experimental conditions. 

3. Furthermore, institute will also support in this program on other areas.   

How to Apply 

Please send applications, inquires and nominations to All applications should include a CV and a detailed list of publications.  


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